MoM 2.0 September 23rd 7PM. Be there
September 1, 2016

Do you ever wish someone was out there promoting psychotherapy to the general public, demystifying the magic that happens behind our closed doors and getting people excited to try some couch time? Wouldn’t your caseload and career benefit from a more positive depiction of therapy in the general public? Drug companies don’t do that for us. The media doesn’t do that for us. Our national organizations don’t do that for us.

So we’ll do that for us.

On Friday, September 23rd, at 7pm, at the South Pasadena Music Conservatory, six therapists will tell well-crafted stories (de-identified, of course) about meaningful moments that occurred in their own therapy sessions. Stories about those moments of powerful human connection that aren’t captured by outcome studies or Psychology Today profiles. It’s Moth or TED for therapy, and it’s happening in our own backyard, co-sponsored by SGVPA. We’ll record the talks for worldwide enjoyment, and we need an enthusiastic crowd to add some claps and gasps and represent for our profession.

You may recall we did this a couple of years ago, to much critical acclaim. If you didn’t catch this wave the first time around, take a look at the incredible talks from round #1: www.momentsofmeaning.org

We’re charging $20 per person, and for that you’ll receive your fill of wine, dessert, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping create videos that could nudge somebody somewhere to take the leap into therapy. That’s not a bad way to spend a Friday night.

As of this initial email to SGVPA, we’re taking reservations. As of tomorrow, we’ll hit greater Los Angeles and the Information Superhighway. We only have space for 80, you can reserve up to 4 for yourself, so e-mail us to reserve your spot. KPCC may be there, other news outlets may be there. Will you be there? Write me now to make your reservation.

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