Moments of Meaning 2016
April 27, 2016

Seeking therapy stories worthy of ten minutes in the spotlight.

This September 23rd we will re-create our unique event where six therapists tell powerful, moving, enlightening, and funny stories about a significant meaningful moment from their experience as a therapist or client. Our goal is to demystify and de-stigmatize psychotherapy for the general public while promoting the incredible transformative power of our profession. The format is one speaker, one mic, live audience, no script, in the vein of TED Talks and Moth Radio Hour. Missed it last time around? No problem, you can find all of last year’s talks at www.momentsofmeaning.org .

We will promote this event vigorously, and each talk will be videoed and uploaded to YouTube, where the world can enjoy them. This is a great opportunity for us to share moments with our community and our world that can change the public perception of therapy for the better.

If you are interested, we invite you to fill out the initial application below. Our selection committee will choose based on the diversity of the speakers and content to give a fair representation of the many facets of psychotherapy. We’re looking for engaging stories that are light on theory and jargon but heavy on humanness. If you apply, you agree to adhere to these standards:

  •  All client information is to be de-identified and distorted to prevent any possible breech of confidentiality.
  •  The star of your talk is the therapeutic moment, this is not an opportunity to promote you, your practice or your brilliance.
  • A final draft of your talk will be complete two months before the event, and you will rehearse the talk often so you are off-script and polished well before September 23.
  • We will have a handful informative meetings and coached rehearsals in Pasadena to make sure we present the best show possible.

Interested? Please respond to us before May 15th with the following info:

  • Name & Degree
  • Years in Practice
  • In what type of setting do you practice?
  • Your specialties.
  • Your therapeutic modality.
  • Briefly describe your public speaking experience.
  • In a paragraph, describe your moment of meaning.
  • In one sentence, what do you hope the audience takes away from your talk?

Thank you! Please apply or encourage your storytelling friends to apply!

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